Tuesday, 16 October 2012

First Cloud Application using azure service bus

1-Create Enterprise Application Integration Project ,Say Project Name HelloWorld

2- Add New Item à Schema -RecordRequest.xsd

3- Add New Item à RecordResponse

4 - Create Map for Tranformation
5 - Add New Itemà Map

6-Create BridgeConfigurtion .
7- Drag XML-OneWayBridge
8- Change the properties of XML-OneWayBridge

9-Drag Queue
10-Connect Xml –Bridge with Queue
11-Configure the service NameSpace of BridgeConfigurtion

13- Use MessageReceiver And MessageSender Utility for send and receive Message from Queue.

MessageReceiver.exe  <Your namespace> <Issuer name> <Your issuer key>  <Queue name>  Create

MessageReceiver.exe  <Your namespace> <Issuer name> <Your issuer key>  <Queue name>  Listen

MessageSender.exe  mySBNamespace  owner  mySBNamespaceKey http://sbNamespace/<BridgeName>   Instance1.xml   application/xml

14- Deploy Application on Service Bus.

URL for Azure Portal:https://portal.appfabriclabs.com/Default.aspx
Run The Application 
Send Xml Message to Bridge:
Sample XML : <ns0:RecordRequest xmlns:ns0="http://HelloWorld.Artifacts.RecordRequest">

Run Command :
MessageSender.exe  <ServiceBusNameSpace> owner  <Key> http://sbNamespace/<BridgeName>   Instance1.xml   application/xml

OutPut :
MessageReceiver.exe  <Your namespace> <Issuer name> <Your issuer key>  <Queue1>  Listen

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