Tuesday, 1 May 2018

ASP.Net Web App CI CD using VSTS online and Azure Web Apps


Create a Web Application in Visual Studio and create a Git repository at GitHub

Create a blank repository and Push the code from Visual studio at Git Repository .


Create a Web App on Azure .

Configure CI/CD

Configure Continuous delivery for Web Application.

Click on configure and choose Source code repository 


Click on Build configuration for CD

Create a staging slot for testing

Once you have configured and click on OK it will create a build and a release definition in the VSTS account A new slot created a for testing 

It will create a default build and Release definition for building web apps on VSTS

You can apply branch Filter at VSTS build definition

Default Deployment tasks created for Azure Web App deployment 

Configure CI/CD for Multi Stage environment

Create Multiple slots in your Azure Web Application (ex: Dev, QA, UAT)

Go to VSTS default release process

Clone existing environment

Change Pre deployment condition to After release

Edit Task and change the slot to required slot.

Deploy to any slot on Cloud

 Create a new release and configure the environment where you want to deploy release

Select version for release

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